Interactive classrooms

Our classrooms are airconditioned and equipped with the latest technology to provide an interactive environment where students are encouraged to use their own devices to access their learning materials. Many of our classrooms are equipped with technology to enable hybrid learning, whereby students can also access teachers from home simultaneously with students in the classroom.

Caring teachers

Our teachers are constantly learning in order to adopt effective and creative approaches to teaching and learning. Through current methodology blended with technology, teachers seek to create cooperative and active classrooms where learners use multiple resources to construct knowledge and apply these skills practically. All our teachers have first degree in their subject with years of experience. More than 90% of our teachers have masters degree.

Safe, secure & supervised environment

Our school environment facilitates students to work cooperatively and in harmony with each other. Students are mentored by their class teachers. Students’ development, progress and well-being are of the utmost concern for the staff of VIHS.

Learning beyond walls

Students are exposed to various environments and learning experiences through field trips to local and international destinations. From these trips students will enrich their understanding about the culture, as well as Science and Business worlds. In trips to local destinations students will explore the culture, heritage, dialects and customs of the locals of those atolls. In trips to overseas destinations students will visit garment, automobile and food production factories; banks, universities and other institutions, as well as nature parks, botanic gardens, universities, laboratories and research facilities.

Single session schooling

Students spend five to seven hours per day at school, during which time they complete all class work and assignments. Enrichment and extra classes are also provided for students requiring support.

Online learning management system “Dhasvehi”

We seek to fully engage our students as active learners by providing a broad range of learning experiences through online resources and practical classroom sessions.

Parent Portal “Belenivehi”

Parents can monitor the students’ attendance and performance in real time.

Clubs and houses

Students can take part in sports, competitions, exhibitions, symposiums and workshops organized by the houses and clubs of VIHS.


All Science students will have the opportunity to complete an internship at 4 departments of their choice at IGMH.

Career Guidance & Counselling

We provide career programs to prepare students to enter the workforce and help them choose the best career paths through training and higher education.

Special classes and extra co-curricular activities

Students can enrol in a variety of short skill-building classes and take part in club activities which are conducted throughout the academic year.

Skills Development Program

A variety of short courses, certified by Villa College, is available for students who wish to develop employable skills. These may include Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Spreadsheet Management, Robotics, Chinese Language and IELTS.


Our state of the art library is equipped with a huge number of physical and online resources (such as EBSCO, E-library USA, Science Direct, JSTOR, Cambridge Journals Online, Royal Society Journals, etc.). For a complete list of all resources, visit https://library.villacollege.edu.mv/. The library includes discussion rooms and conducive study areas. Other services in the library include photocopying and printing.

Science Laboratories

Our Science labs are fully equipped with all necessary equipment and good quality chemicals. Scheduled lab sessions are conducted for all Science students in Physics, Chemistry and Biology to provide a hands-on experience.

Computer Labs

Four computer labs with the latest facilities are available for students’ use.

... and many more...