About Us

Villa International High School is the largest higher secondary school in the Maldives founded under Public-Private Partnership.


Villa International High school strives to be the leading Higher Secondary Education provider in the Maldives, highly valued and recognized locally and internationally.


The mission of Villa International High School is to sustain, advance and disseminate knowledge and understanding by providing internationally recognized quality education through teaching and training which develop intellectual capacity and values vital for the development of the Maldivian community.


Quality education

VIHS affirms quality as our principal priority by providing programs and services that ensure excellence in teaching and learning, student services and organizational efficiency.


We encourage the development of student self-discipline and independence and create opportunities for students to maximize their potential.

Community engagement

VIHS is driven by the needs of the society. Through our clubs and short courses, we are committed to promoting a climate that promotes civic engagement.

Moral and religious values

VIHS attaches great importance to inculcate moral and Islamic values in our students.

Equal opportunities

We offer a diverse environment that provides an equitable education for all our students and emphasize respect for individual and cultural differences.

Fairness and integrity

We seek to uphold and instill the highest standards of ethics in our students.

Lifelong learning

Our academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular programs are designed to create the desire to learn, the ability to think clearly and express themselves effectively and to instill the habit of analytical and reflective thought, the awareness and appreciation of their cultural and national heritage.

Responsible citizenry

VIHS is committed to a diverse environment that creates opportunities for students to exhibit leadership and citizenship. We foster in students a sense of responsibility for their own development and an understanding of their obligations as members of a democratic society.

We maximize our values through:

Interactive classrooms

Our classrooms are airconditioned and equipped with the latest technology to provide an interactive environment where students are encouraged to use their own devices to access their learning materials. Many of our classrooms are equipped with technology to enable hybrid learning, whereby students can also access teachers from home simultaneously with students in the classroom.

Caring teachers

Our teachers are constantly learning in order to adopt effective and creative approaches to teaching and learning. Through current methodology blended with technology, teachers seek to create cooperative and active classrooms where learners use multiple resources to construct knowledge and apply these skills practically. All our teachers have first degree in their subject with years of experience. More than 90% of our teachers have masters degree.

Safe, secure and supervised environment

Our school environment facilitates students to work cooperatively and in harmony with each other. Students are mentored by their class teachers. Students’ development, progress and well-being are of the utmost concern for the staff of VIHS.

Learning beyond walls

Students are exposed to various environments and learning experiences through field trips to local and international destinations. From these trips students will enrich their understanding about the culture, as well as Science and Business worlds.

Single session schooling

Students spend five to seven hours per day at school, during which time they complete all class work and assignments. Enrichment and extra classes are also provided for students requiring support.

Student and parent portals

Online learning management system “Dhasvehi”: We seek to fully engage our students as active learners by providing a broad range of learning experiences through online resources and practical classroom sessions.

Parent Portal “Belenivehi”: Parents can monitor the students’ attendance and performance in real time.